How to use Clearing Blue Light

Simple Steps, as Little as 5 Minutes a Day

Pulling off a flawless face is easier than you think.



Cleanse your skin with Positively Clear Foam Cleanser to mop up oil, dirt, makeup and other impurities that may block the blue light.



Here comes the fun part: Glide the Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light over the area you want to treat for just 5 minutes daily. Show love to your entire face or just concentrate on breakout-prone zones.



Hit those troublesome areas with Positively Clear Spot Treatment, expertly formulated to complement the use of the blue light and improve overall radiance.


Using a non-UV, high-energy light source, the FDA-cleared Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light device treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne by penetrating deep into your skin to kill acne-causing bacteria. It's so gentle and effective, even people with sensitive skin can treat blemishes long term.

The Positively Clear 3-Step Acne Skincare Solution includes a cleanser that's specifically formulated to wash away dirt, oil, and makeup-priming skin for your light treatment. There's also a spot treatment product that targets problem areas after the blue light treatment to clarify your complexion.



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